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Zen Type Living Room

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Tips to decorate your favorite room in a Zen type living room

Exist different types of decoration for interiors, there are for large and small spaces with light and dark colors, diversity in furniture, carpets and ornaments both table and old and fashion paintings, there are also different models of architectures and designs, but undoubtedly the most practical and simple decoration is Zen, which makes the space look more harmonious, with a special type of light that reveals the truth in each place.

Zen decoration dates back to the 6th century BC and originated in China. It is characterized by enhancing meditation, rest, and tranquility, which is why in homes this type of decoration is not only used in the living rooms but in every corner of the home since it brings peace and harmony to those who inhabit these spaces. For a Zen living room, natural materials such as wood and stone are used mainly in walls you can use a lot of paint colors that are neutral like white, gray and beige.

Usually, a Zen living room needs large spaces with large windows using walls and doors that divide the spaces in order to maintain order and balance of space, allowing greater connectivity between the rooms and the inner peace of the rooms for the people who live in it.

The lighting in a Zen room is very important that is why it is used more frequently in large windows and open spaces, in terms of the placement of furniture and objects, it is good to say that these should be harmonic type, of small heights and with Small tables elaborated in natural wood, variety is also used in cushions, mostly gray colors, in order to give a Buddha teaching aspect to people so that they achieve an inner peace and harmony in their mind.

It is very important that has accessories but not in quantity and that go unnoticed by human eyes, because they should not be striking so as not to disturb the tranquility and relaxation of space, among the accessories that a room can carry off being Zen type we can find: pieces elaborated in wood and glass, figures related to the spiritual God Buddha, since this would perfectly connect the decoration that is being sought between the harmony and the peace of the home.

Finally, it can be added to this type of decoration in zen-like rooms, a magical natural touch, since a good and excellent option to decorate is the use of natural plants inside interior spaces, many zen decorations use the creation of gardens within the homes, because nature provides the home with peace, tranquility and oxygen spaces because the plants provide oxygen in addition to a simple form of decoration with simplicity, providing relaxation to the environment.

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