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Written by sofas4u

Between the hectic world of today and the small interior spaces in modern homes, it is very easy to fall into stress, exhaustion, and monotony to surrender to a home devoid of color, energy, and vitality. It is precisely for this reason that we intervene to offer you to fill your main room; the most important space in your home; of light, harmony, and amplitude; with the incorporation of your ideal sofa at the lowest cost and without affecting your finances.

The design of this sofa should contemplate aspects such as the use of straight and simple lines, with details of very punctual and reduced reliefs; the sobriety in the use of color, whose tones should preferably be clear and uniform throughout the length of the sofa; the internal material must be light and inexpensive, such as pine-like wood, properly treated; the upholstery material should be soft, fresh, easy to maintain, of fabrics treated with anti-spill and washable material; without neglecting the feeling of comfort that the softness of both the fabric and the synthetic padding of the filling material will bring.

It is important to use the sofa and other accessories as small seats, in the form of “U” to generate in these small spaces the feeling of depth and breadth. Apart from this arrangement of furniture in space; the use of degraded tones will also reinforce our purpose by going from the strongest tone to the main sofa located at the bottom of the room and the provision of the clearest side chairs or tables towards the sides and the front of the room.

As for the integrating role that the sofa can play between the different environments of your home the theme of the line of Design and the use of details such as; the use of printed cushions related to other furniture in the spaces closest to the living room, such as the dining room chairs and the kitchen where you can play with the colors of some collection accessories on display or with the curtains. You can achieve the longed-for integration in those spaces of Loft-type homes that are so prevalent in contemporary architecture.

A space of reduced housing is not necessarily synonymous with discomfort; undoubtedly the choice of the ideal sofa for your home will give you the feeling of harmony between all the environments that make it up and give you the opportunity to enjoy the comfort you have always wanted to have in your living space; Put your trust in the hands of the experts and you will see your dream home become a wonderful reality.

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