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Your sofa financed with V12 Finance

Written by sofas4u

Many can affirm that the sofa is one of that furniture that we could hardly do without if we want to have comfort in the home. Therefore, the purchase of a sofa is an investment that we will have to make at least once in a lifetime.

Its price, due to the valuable amenities it offers, is usually high. However, today, more and more furniture stores offer financing plans for their purchases, ensuring you do not have to hit your finances too much whether directly at the furniture store of your choice or through your website, you can choose the financing option that best suits your economic conditions. Comfortable payment installments that must be paid off monthly and periods of many months are the most relevant advantages. Another option is to resort to a bank loan. As long as you are a solvent person with stable employment, this can be a viable option. Most banks offer special loans for home purchases.

On the other hand, the advancement of technology has been linked in such a way with the financial sphere that it is very easy to find accessible, simple and safe options to finance your purchases. This is the case of the English company V12 Finance with the intention of improving the customer’s shopping experience; V12 Finance uses intelligent technology to develop a financing offer that benefits both the retailer and the final consumer. What does it offer and how does it work?

You can buy your sofa at the time you want, directly in the store or from your home through a website and distribute the cost through monthly fees, ranging from 3 to 60 months. The process is simple and allows you to make decisions in seconds, in addition to being able to request financing from any mobile device. In addition, the system offers online advice instantly. The V12 Finances offer is based on an investigation carried out by the company that shows that 28% of consumers are willing to spend more when they have financing options, while 52% of them do not make the purchase when they do not have this option.

To join the service you can access its website ( or download the application on your mobile device or tablet. The registration will require some personal information such as name, address, email, labor, and banking information, among others. Once the form is completed, the system can configure the direct debit option and you must make the first deposit.

Once you are sure you have found the perfect sofa and have chosen the ideal financing plan for your finances, access the v12 finance form to complete your purchase. Do not worry, buy your sofa now and pay it later.

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