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There comes a time when you decide to buy a sofa, either because yours has become too old and you need to renew it, or because you move to a new house, and you need to decorate the living room from scratch.

Whatever your situation, you will wonder what types of sofas you can find and what are their advantages.

Give it the importance it deserves. A sofa is one of the key pieces in a living room and a fundamental piece of furniture in the house. When buying a sofa, there are many types to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Buying an ideal sofa that accompanies us for a long time in our lives is an easy task if we follow some essential tips.

Step 1: Go to a physical store

The most important thing to choose a good sofa is to try it, a physical store gives us the ability to see the sofa live, touch it and most importantly, sit on it. To the extent that you can, go to a store, visit its facilities and try all the sofas that you have in the exhibition.

What really has to like the sofa is its comfort. Starting from that base we can include all the extras that we want (from extendable seats, drinks, etc.).

Think that the main thing to buy a sofa is to feel comfortable, if your sitting seems hard and uncomfortable, we will want to return the piece the next day.

Step 2: Can I choose it from the catalog?

Once we have liked the comfort of the sofa, ask the person in charge in the store, if the factory makes the same sitting for all the line of sofas they have. If so, you can choose and complete the sofa that you like through catalog what greatly facilitates the work of decision, and we just need to go adding accessories to the sofa to our liking.

Step 3: Choose the arms of the sofa

The sofas are very dynamic and moldable pieces, we can choose between several types of arms. Here we define the best sellers.

  • Removable arms: Are the arms that form the sides of the sofa itself, are independent modules and easily interchangeable.
  • Nap arm: It is the arm where the body adapts perfectly. The headrests on a comfortable and stable arm, where, as its name suggests, taking a nap is a pleasure.
  • Buy sofa Design arms, like the straight ar: Aesthetically it has a much more linear design, but it is not as comfortable as the arm nap.

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