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What is the ideal fabric for you?

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When decorating our living room we must take into account several factors that have to do with the size, design, style, and color of the furniture, but also with the fabrics we choose for them. Sofas, armchairs, chairs, and benches give life to the living room and it is essential that when we upholster them we not only take into account the colors or patterns of the fabrics but also their resistance and maintenance, thus ensuring that our furniture is maintained as new for more time.

If you have a wing chair at home you have to know that it is a jewel, a classic among the furniture that deserves to be taken care of and appreciated as such. For this reason and for its visual weight, choosing the perfect upholstery is essential so that this special piece of furniture continues to add character, personality, and elegance to the room in which it is located.

It is advisable to choose chair fabrics that are made of resistant materials that can withstand daily and frequent use, that does not break or fray easily. Synthetic fabrics are ideal for furniture of constant use because they are quite resistant and easy to maintain and comfortable, just use a neutral detergent when necessary to eliminate any stain, which is ideal for the wing chair, that by its shape, it has fixed upholstery, it does not draw.

The most traditional wing chairs are upholstered in leather; a material much admired for its durability and quality, but also because it is pleasant to the touch and brings warmth and sophistication to the environments. For many, it is still the favorite type of fabric.

However, modern wing designs easily adapt to different styles of fabrics and prints. The most popular fabrics in contemporary decoration are chenille and microfiber (very resistant and easy to clean, velvet (very robust but soft to the touch, in addition to its special aesthetics), leatherette (ideal for constant-use and outdoor furniture) and leather (for its quality, style and durability).

As for the colors, the rule in decoration to adapt the upholstery in a harmonious way is always to choose light or neutral colors if the furniture is in small spaces because they take better advantage of the light and give amplitude. Very bright colors in small spaces cause the opposite effect.

If space is large enough, it is easier to play with the colors and prints without clashing with the rest of the decoration. Prints can be very decorative but they also have their rules. The idea is to choose large motifs for large furniture so as not to have to cut the designs, likewise, more subtle prints for smaller furniture.

The wing chair by its unique shape is in itself the star of the room, it will surely look great with any fabric, the important thing is that it is durable and adapts properly to the style of decoration of our home.

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