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How to determine if your vintage sofas gumtree are original or replicate?

    Before making the purchase of that accessory that caught your attention, determines whether it is original or replicated, observes the article very well if it has a blow, that its structure is in a good condition, and if you have indeed fallen in love with that accessory and you consider that it should be part of that decoration that you are planning, there is nothing left but to try to haggle the price that this accessory has.

To determine that this sofa is Vintage, you must look for the signature of the craftsman who forged that piece of furniture, because if it is old it will have that stamp to determine its originality. If this accessory either, chairs or sofa does not have any seal or signature you will be in the presence of a replica.

As for the wood, you must observe two important aspects; first, the wood must be solid, since the authentic pieces fulfill this characteristic. Second, carefully observe the joints, if they are with nails and screws since previously the joints of the drawers were glued with dovetail. Be careful; keep in mind these two data.

It must be taken into account that for this to be original it cannot be perfect since it was forged by craftsmen hands.

Once you determine if this piece is original or replica, you can make the decision to continue with the purchase or leave it there. Keep in mind that this piece of furniture will be the one that gives life to your remodeling. Not exactly must be original so you feel that your space is pleasant.

We know that if you cannot choose to have that original accessory, you can give it that original, unique and personalized touch, you can create upholstery that matches the walls, curtains, doors and other accessories that will give life to your design.

Since a simple upholstery can give a good appearance. Select good fabrics with the best quality, with bright colors and colors that combine with the walls, table, lamps, and curtains you want to implement.

With these small renovations you will achieve a unique style and without losing that piece of furniture that you searched for and achieved, to accomplish this task you only need a little enthusiasm, interest, and desire to carry out the activity and finish it.

Now, if you do not want to do all this cumbersome procedure, you can buy your desired furniture, visiting stores to get the perfect or simply, through the internet go to eBay to perform an exhaustive search until you find the right one.

Note that there are also other online store where you can find the best designs; many models and colors. Get offers, new articles and affordable prices and you can cancel via MasterCard, visa, bank transfers or electron visa. Deliveries are made both nationally and internationally and providing their customers’ with the best service, fulfilling their dreams of delivering their furniture or other objects that are sold.

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