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Vintage Sofas And Armchairs

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Value of vintage sofas and armchairs

There are many and different styles of interior decoration that are applied today in homes or rooms. Among the most outstanding are the classic, which never goes out of fashion, modern and minimalist. However, the latest trends are toward the old and past, now known as vintage. This has become the favorite of many people who value the old, the simple and also can renew with their own hands.

Well, despite the fact that they can be purchased in completely new manufacturing facilities and with old finishes, there is nothing like buying a furniture or old accessory in antique shops, antiques or garage sales, where you can find amazing and super original things. But when decorating a room with this style, it will be demarcated almost entirely by vintage sofas and armchairs, for this reason, in the next post will describe the most valuable features of these.

Value of vintage furniture

The furniture, such as vintage sofas and armchairs, is characterized by genuine antiques and unique pieces, which also tell an incredible story. The worn appearance and signs of use provide the pieces with anecdotes and trajectories that lead them to be unrepeatable.

The particularity that most of the vintage style furniture that is found, have a handcrafted and handmade, where every detail is meticulously cared for, gives them an added value and quality that is simply impossible to compare with the types of artifacts that are produced in series. The high quality that identifies the vintage style furniture is appreciated in the care and neatness of the finish of the forms; likewise, the use of absolutely natural materials, among which solid wood predominates.

Where to get vintage furniture?

One of the most important factors that should be taken into account when looking for vintage sofas and armchairs, is that if they are real pieces, where the traces of wear that denote the passing of the years stand out; They are not very easy to find. For this reason, if you want to buy genuine vintage furniture of excellent quality, it is best to look for them in specialized stores. Also, you must be aware that the value and authenticity have a high cost, so you must be prepared and willing to cancel a good amount.

On the other hand, to buy a fabulous vintage piece, both furniture and other objects that serve in the decoration, or better is to go to the markets, auctions or fairs. Likewise, it is a good option to look in the basement or attic of the grandparents’ house; because they will surely have some old relic that will serve to give a super vintage style to the living room of the house and, more importantly, without paying anything for it.

Finally, a factor to consider when decorating with vintage furniture is the importance of not overdoing and overloading the place with lots of pieces and objects of this style; because instead of a room, it will look like a museum or maybe the market itself. In this sense, it is advisable to include one or two vintage-style furniture combined with other more modern, thus resulting in an elegant and classic.

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