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Vintage Furniture Business Names

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Top 5: A guide to the best stores to buy vintage furniture

Around the world, many people enjoy the wonders of antiques that are, truth be told, part of an extensive and unlimited market from works of art, to clothing and accessories; discs and cars up furniture, chairs and coffee tables. The vintage culture is so rooted in some, that they even look for decoration options that stick to that wave.

All said sounds great, but the truth is that finding old items in decent conditions can be a challenge that very few accept. No one wants to have a house full of objects that look more waste than old furniture. Therefore, there are companies that are dedicated to doing the job of searching for them, restoring them and leaving them in optimal conditions, while maintaining the essence of them.

Naming them all is practically impossible, especially considering that in most countries there are departmental stores, markets, and markets dedicated to this kind of style. However, some establishments have known how to make a name in this furniture sector; and from there the selection that is presented below was made.

Thistle Home Store

Nobody can deny that the United Kingdom is positioned as a leader in the antique market, and this store is the reflection of all that the European country has to offer.

With Thistle Home, your clients can get an independent space and outside this time, be it rustic or glamorous style. The store treasures items in excellent condition that, over time, have been able to win the hearts of each person.


Experts in furniture manufacturing have been in the market for forty-five years, with a central base in the United Kingdom. The decades of experience not only make them veterans but also visionaries of the furniture trade.

DFS has the largest range of products in the country, and so let’s customers know, who have the power to order items with the characteristics that most appeal to them. In addition, an extra benefit of this store is that it keeps its prices in each and every one of its stores.


In London, this shop specializes in antique items, which has been in the market for twenty years. Characterized by its vanguard and a reputation that developed over time, it is a source of unique and unusual furniture, lamps and ornaments.

Elemental works the restoration and conservation of each of its pieces, describing them as timeless thanks to their finishes, the materials of which they are made and their evident vintage style. Elemental supplies furniture all year round, working six days a week.



Nineteen by Alexandra Road

Specialized in the restoration and handmade items, this London store, with an important boom through the web, handles minimalism as the basis of its business.

Nineteen rightly evokes the old style of the 19th century, with an important selection of wooden and patent furniture, as well as more contemporary paintings preserved over time. However, this store not only sells old items but also works with the manufacture and varnishing of hand-painted furniture.

Three Angels

Based in Brighton, this store is known for selling French furniture of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is the ideal place to get old chairs similar to those of the monarchy.

Three Angels have a higher boom on weekends, but the rest of the year also receives a significant number of customers from around the world.

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