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Vintage Furniture Brighton

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Brighton: The best place to buy vintage style furniture

The inhabitants of the United Kingdom have one of the cities in which the most famous furniture variety in the world is established: Brighton. To the south of England, and in the purest English style, this city is characterized by its tourist quality, its fairs, and beaches.

Charming, elegant or modern style Brighton has excellent furniture stores for every occasion and for every person, thus satisfying the expectations of those who put the decoration of their home in an easy economic way, or for those who want a little more luxury. interiors in the hands of these locals.

The market inside Brighton is also famous for its antique -or vintage-style- items. Exploring within its streets can help people get real treasures about retro sofas, period furniture, Victorian-era ornaments and, a long list of details that correspond with the story.

One of the things that most people buy at Era, Moderne, and Bellerophon – antique stores set in Brighton – is the extravagant kitchen shelves and shelves, as well as iconic sofas that you can get for prices ranging from sixty to a hundred and twenty. pounds sterling.

The time also varies. In fact, within the facilities of stores such as Era, you can get or refurbish 19th century furniture, although its specialty is the vintage style that corresponds to the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s. Its wide range includes chairs, coffee tables, dressers, desks and drawer units.

That’s not all, and to the delight of his clients, Era makes available the luminous posters and art-deco paintings, which stood out during those years. All the stock that belongs to this shop, is based on items restored in their entirety, sometimes fusing them with modernity, but maintaining the authenticity that makes them unique in the first place.

The predilection of the stores that are located in Brighton is, precisely, the English style. Each one has achieved massive success, becoming popular throughout the country. Some of these stores managed to open branches in the rest of England, while others resorted to home delivery to maintain their customer base.

Another point in favor of the stores in this town is their effort and dedication to get furniture that is not in their catalog. This happens very infrequently, but in the particular case that a client is looking for a sofa, table or chair of vintage design, the different management is in charge of doing the research.

Likewise, most of the establishments work on a regular basis, from Monday to Sunday from nine in the morning until five thirty in the afternoon – on Sundays starting at eleven, and they welcome their clients throughout the day with a request and kindness characteristic of the citizens of Brighton.

Similarly, furniture stores in general, are aware of the impact on sales that occur during the holiday season. Therefore, they prepare their stock for the months of November and December. According to official data of the city, between April and May, there is also a considerable demand.


The city of Brighton is, in the words of its citizens and visitors, the place you should go if you are looking for any vintage item, a gem that has been stuck in time and that can become the dreamy detail for decoration.


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