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Vintage Furniture Belfast

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Belfast: the place to get period furniture

In the United Kingdom stands Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Residents and tourists, who show off all its characteristics, agree that this town is strongly marked by the events of the times that marked it.

However, in Belfast there is also a thriving economy that is more related to modern commercial activities, despite its tribute for the past. One can speak of it as a lively, picturesque site and buildings that may be either from Victorian times, or belonging to contemporary architecture.

This temporary clash makes Belfast one of the favorite places to buy period furniture. In fact, in its directory there is an important selection of stores specialized in the vintage style. Describing each one of them is an overwhelming job, besides it would not help the clients to find the option they are looking for.

In that sense, a selection was made considering the characteristics that matter most to people when it comes to purchasing furniture: quality, guarantee and price. These are the five results with the best votes.

Oakland Antiques

It is one of the busiest shops in Northern Ireland. It is owned by Donald McCluskey and, for more than 30 years, he has been dedicated to buying and selling period items, as well as restoring most of them.

Inside this store, customers have two entire floors full of antiques that include wooden sofas, porcelain and silver pieces, ornate mirrors, and watches from the 1920s, among others.

On the Square Emporium

This store is a real treasure for lovers of antiques, collectibles, industrial furniture and to restore. The establishment is owned by the couple formed by Justin and Jill, and since 2010, their enthusiasm for the harvest encouraged them to open their own premises.

The Emporium shelves are filled with furniture, salvage wood and collectors’ items valued for large sums of money. They also have their own findings for the home.

The Yard Shop

For those who are looking for upholstered furniture, ornate shelves and ornaments with exclusive pieces, this is one of the stores with the highest quality rating, which has maintained its standard since its inception.

Yard Shop has its establishment in Belfast, but it has also achieved a wide portfolio of clients through its social networks, especially Instagram, since they do not hesitate to show all their stock and receive offers from interested people. Their specialty is sofas, but they have a certain range of watches for which customers choose.


Pretty Vintage

This antique furniture store located in Northern Ireland, not only is responsible for marketing sofas, chairs or bedroom sets, but also has a wide range of music items, such as guitars, records and clothing.

The small stall belonging to Pretty Vintage is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Belfast, on Queens Street. From their shop windows, the people who enter can evoke the old style that they are so passionate about.

Bettys Longue

It is perhaps the smallest and most homemade store on the list, but this does not detract from professionalism or diversity in its products. In Bettys Longue, furniture is the order of the day, but they also have a wide variety in terms of lamps, coffee tables and bedroom sets,

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