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Types Of High Back Chairs

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In high back chairs, there is a type for every need

The chair is a type of individual seat, which is usually supported by four legs, which has a backrest and may or may not have armrests or armrests as they are also called. There are many types of chairs and in general, their main characteristics depend on the use for which they were designed.

The backrest of the chair can be one of the variants used to differentiate the design while having a fundamental importance in the ergonomics of it.

Generally, a high back chair, when used inside the home, is associated with style and elegance, is typical of classic styles of decoration and also distinguished environments. But in addition to aesthetics, the backrest is also a functional element, so when used indoors, especially in the dining room, the high backrest can be more comfortable. An option that becomes important when we enjoy long after-dinner after lunch or dinner with family or friends.

The manufacturers of dining chairs, manufacture high back chairs with multiple variants in order to satisfy the tastes of all customers, in this sense you can find high back chairs with armrests and without them, large chairs in the style of armchairs and also others whose support is not only high but reaches the ground.

There are high back chairs famous for their design or for their ergonomics. Two of them are: The Hill House chair, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1903, with a high backrest in the form of stair sections and a straight-shaped design. It is a work of art, a decorative piece for space, designed to admire it rather than to use it.

The Adirondack chair, which owes its name to the mountains of the same name located in Westport, in the vicinity of New York and its design to the desire of Thomas Lee, who is 1903 used to spend the summer in this place and wished comfort when sitting down to enjoy the splendid view. This is the typical North American garden chair made entirely of wood, with reclining seat and backrest and the latter with the necessary height to recline the head.

But high back chairs are also used as furniture in workspaces, such is the case of office chairs and those used for patient examinations, as is the case of dental offices.

In the first case, high-backed office chairs are essential for management personnel and anyone who must remain seated for a long time. Among them, there are also variants, although the main thing is to provide lumbar and cervical support. Can be found chairs with flexible backrest, that the user can adjust by means of some mechanism, reclining in which simply with backing can be achieved a greater rest for the spine, with armrest and/or with wheels.

In the 21st century, the use of technology also reached office furniture and there are currently companies that sell “smart” chairs, which automatically detect both the user’s support, weight and movement and adjust for personalized support. Amazing, right?

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