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Tuscan Style Living Room

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Decorate your living room with one of the most classic and elegant designs, the Tuscan style

To give your main room a touch of modernity and make it very comfortable, you can choose the decoration in the best Tuscan style. You will see that the atmosphere will be very distinguished and will have a romanticism that will invite you to spend pleasant moments.

The elements that determine this style are quite traditional, inspired by warm colors and rustic details. Basically, it can be said that it consists of upholstered furniture in brown leather, wooden tables, carpets with the same tone and traditional fireplace.

The furniture and accessories of natural wood are very important to decorate the room, a wooden shelf for placing books or ornaments, a coffee table with statues or sculptures in stone or lamps in wrought iron, are part of this kind of setting.

As for the fireplace, if you have space, you can do it in brick. The paintings and decorations on the walls must be conservative and Renaissance-era paintings that have elegance and that impose the distinction of the place.

In relation to the colors that are characteristic of this style, you can use quite clear and soft tones. The walls can be placed in a yellow tone, not very high, which will give much harmony and warmth to the room.

The sofa and the other furniture should be brown, you can play with the different shades of this color to use them in the cushions that match the sofa. If you decide to place other smaller furniture, try to be brown to preserve the style.

Curtains and rugs should be used in these color combinations. The walls and ceiling inlaid with wood, are an ideal detail to give life to your living room. Likewise, a wooden frame is spectacular in the fireplace.

All lamps should have a fairly old style, those that are made of iron are perfect. They will look great hanging in the center of the room. The chandeliers will be perfect in any corner.

The floor of the room must also have special features, as you have to select a material similar to terracotta, wood or marble to complete the style of the best houses in an Italian villa.

An excellent option is the floors with wood or marble cladding. The walls should look a little aged and, for this, they can be treated to make them appear faded.

The colors ocher, terracotta and others of this hue are special to give the feeling of warmth to the living room of Tuscan style. On the walls, you can place paintings with green landscapes or traditional Italian gardens.

Other accessories such as clay pots or pottery, vases with dry branches, wicker baskets and decorations with fruits, give more personality to the environment. If there is enough space, a piano would be spectacular.

A wooden cabinet, of natural appearance, to store bottles of wine, is a creative idea that will give more character to the room. It uses golden or bronze-colored ornaments, as well as mirrors, to give more room to the room. You can combine wood, iron, brick and decorative items to complement the furniture.

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