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traditional leather sofa living room furniture
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Helpful Pointers In Relation to Very Good Traditional Leather Sofas

Undoubtedly our leather sofas give personality to our living room. I dare say that this furniture is like a jewel that welcomes us in our moments of rest and that with its elegance dresses the stay like no other. When you chose it, you knew what you were doing, a piece of furniture for a lifetime, which you take care of carefully and want to keep new and untouched like the first day. For this, you should follow the keys on how to nourish leather sofas that I detail in this post.

Before nurturing the sofa, the first step is to clean it. For this, I advise you, as we explained in a previous post that you use a soft cloth, you can moisten it slightly. Manufacturers recommend rubbing the leather upholstery by drawing concentric circles, from the outside in, in order to make a more uniform and complete coverage. In this way, if there are spots, they prevent them from spreading.

After cleaning, proceed to dry the sofa and any excess moisture with a clean dry cloth, preferably cotton. Avoid drying it with an artificial heat source such as a heater or a hair dryer. And remember not to put the sofa in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, it can cause changes in the texture and color of the skin.

There are also specific products on the market to clean and nourish leather sofas. If it is used, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To ensure that the selected product does not leave any siege, stain or alter the color of the skin, it is advisable to try it first in a non visible area of ​​your sofa. This can be the inside of the seats or the sides. In any case, the most important thing is never to use chemicals.

Once clean, proceed to moisturize. You can use a moisturizing cream – it would be any of the ones you would use for your neutral skin – which, in addition to nourishing the skin in depth and improving its appearance, will bring shine and act as an invisible protective film, which will help repel dirt. To apply this product, use a clean and soft, non-absorbent cloth, to distribute the cream evenly. This sofa nutrition process is recommended to be carried out at least every 6 months, and will always depend on the use of the same.

There are also home remedies that are applied to enhance the natural shine of the leather and lengthen its shelf life, keeping your leather sofa with the beauty of the first day. Although our advice is that you stick to the instructions given by the manufacturer of the piece. After all, he is the real expert.

As you see, maintaining the beauty of your leather sofa is not difficult, and you have at your disposal many resources that will help you to achieve it quickly, simply and economically.

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