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Advantages of Buying a Traditional Leather Sofa

Choosing a sofa is one of the most complicated points of decorating a living room. Mainly because its great cost and not smaller size make that change it is not a simple and economically viable task, and for that reason, the decision must be well studied and meditated.

It is important to be clear about what we expect from that sofa, what we will use it for and what its estimated useful life will be. It is not the same to buy a couch to spend a year in a student flat than to choose a chaise-light for the house when our purchasing power is a little higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of leather sofas

The skin is one of the most valued choices when choosing the finish of our sofa, but on it, there is a great controversy and diversity of opinions.

The biggest advantage of leather sofas is their cleanliness and maintenance, especially if the leather is good. Usually just wipe with a slightly damp cloth to easily remove the dust and most of the stains. If we see that some resists or that are especially dirty, a wipe with moisturizing cream like one of the babies will leave it like new, even if it is white. A couple of times a year we can protect the leather with a special cream for that purpose.

Another advantage is its greater durability. A leather sofa can last many years with the same look as again, while a cloth, although we can wash the covers, deteriorates and soils much more quickly.

Nor should we forget something as important as design and presence. The skin is a noble finish and as such, it transmits that nobility to the sofa and this to the room that occupies.

We must take into account that the skin is a natural product, so it is normal that there are different shades and that the colors can vary slightly from one product to another. Scar marks or insect bites are a natural feature of naturally-grained skin.

The biggest drawback when purchasing a leather sofa is its price, which is usually higher than one of fabric or other finish. But that extra price is likely to be amortized due to the longer durability of the leather.

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