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Tips to choose a financing sofa by dfs

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One of the indisputable protagonists of every room is the sofa. It is very important to know how to choose the most suitable sofa for our living room since it is an element to which we are going to give a lot of use. Since the purchase of a sofa is a significant financial outlay, it is better to be safe and not gamble.

To start, the ideal sofa does not exist, but there are sofas that can go to our living room and adapt better to our needs and those of our family, so to find our sofa we must follow a series of guidelines.

In decoration, you can save on some things but there are others in which you should not skimp, the sofa is a clear example of it. The first rule is that you buy the highest quality sofa that your pocket can afford. With this I do not mean that you buy the most expensive you can pay because sometimes you are not paying for quality but other concepts (brand, design, exclusivity …)

Think that it is something that you will use practically every day for more or less time. In addition, it will always be cheaper to buy a good sofa and reupholster if it wears out than to be buying a new one every 5 years.

Therefore, to know if a sofa is a quality you have to take into account a number of aspects. In the first place, it must have a robust appearance and a certain weight that provides stability. You can do the test by lifting it from a corner and shake it a little if it wiggles easily … bad signal (or is that you are very strong).

The interior frame is better if it is made with a solid wood of the considered hard (oak, birch, etc.) since it will be less likely to deform and will suffer less over the years. The frames of iron, aluminum or steel are also very resistant but we must be careful with the iron if we live in a humid climate, as they can rust.

The frame of a sofa is the surface on which the seats rest, causing them to sink more or less over the years. The frames of greater quality are those of elastic criss-crossed straps of springs and metallic ones, but it is more usual to find them of elastic straps crisscrossed, stretched and stapled to the frame, having to reinforce this tension with the step of the years.

The filling of the seats is usually made of polyurethane foam, feather or a combination of fibers, the latter being the most economical. A seat of polyurethane foam is of higher quality if it takes little time to recover its shape once we have gotten up. For this, the polyurethane foam must be of high density (a minimum of 25 kg per cubic meter). Feather-filled seats are softer than foam seats and have to be shaken to recover their original shape.

There are many types of fabrics for upholstering a sofa but you must always opt for one that is resistant to wear. Nylon and polyester are the most resistant because they do not fade, they withstand sunlight and humidity well, they repel moths, they can be washed with detergents and treated with anti-stain products. Polyurethane and PVC are waterproof fabrics and an interesting option when there are children. Other fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton or leather are also resistant but much more delicate than previous ones, so you have to think twice before buying a sofa upholstered with this type of fabric.

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