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Tips and financing plans when you buy a sofa at DFS

Written by sofas4u

If you are one of those who hesitate to choose and buy a sofa for the living room, do not miss all the keys to choose it perfectly and the possibilities of its acquisition.

Key elements to consider when selecting a sofa

To get a sofa with the best ergonomic design, you must meet five conditions that you can check at the store:

  1. When sitting, the hips should never be more sunk than the knees so that it does not cost you to get up.
  2. When resting your back on the back of the sofa, you should be able to rest your feet on the floor.
  3. With the back resting on the backrest, the kidneys should stay protected avoiding the body to slide down.
  4. When sitting, the edge of the seat should not press on the back of the knee.
  5. You should be able to support the arm in the armrest, which will have to be at the height of the elbow, not lower.
  6. It must have a resistant structure, a structure of solid or metallic wood – steel or aluminum.
  7. A sturdy sofa is supported by it being breathable. And for that, the upholstery is basic. The more breathable, the more comfortable.
  8. There are sofas with sliding seats, synchronized with the backrests. Additionally, they can come with integrated speakers.
  9. They are marketed in a wide variety of upholstery fabrics and leather, and various designs.
  10. If you want to save space, some open to form a bed as is the case with the sofa bed.

Financing options for customers who do not qualify

Making an expensive purchase can be a big decision. You can evaluate other options, which will facilitate the acquisition of your furniture.

Do you need a sofa? Do not you have the cash or credit to buy them on the spot? You can consider the rent with option to buy: you simply have to make weekly or monthly payments for a while and you become the owner of the piece of furniture.

Before signing, consider that renting something with an option to buy can cost two or three times more than what you would pay if you bought it in cash, with a purchase plan in reserve or a plan in installments. And if you omit one or more payments, the store can repossess the furniture.

When you buy items for your home, you have other options. For example:

  • Find out if you meet the requirements to access the financing of a retail store. Many stores offer a period without payments for 90 days or some other period of time.
  • Consider a reserve purchase plan – which consists of paying in advance and paying the rest over time. You receive the furniture when you finish paying the total price.
  • Think if you have a remainder available on your credit card. Even if you pay a high-interest rate with your credit card, it is likely to be cheaper than renting something with an option to purchase.

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