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Timeless and original furniture, the Wing chair in leather

Written by sofas4u

Choosing an armchair for our living room or room may not be an easy task since we have to consider many aspects: furniture style, wood or metal structure, designs, colors, durability, textures, and prices. However, if what you are looking for is an elegant and classic style a wing chair in leather can be all you need.

Choosing this type of upholstery has many advantages, the main and most obvious is elegance. A leather armchair will always be striking and will raise the level of excellence to any room, in addition, we speak of a noble material that only improves over the years and whose maintenance does not require too many complications. To remove dust or undesirable spots, simply wipe it with a lightly dampened cloth and, to make it look like it has just been bought, it is enough to treat it a couple of times a year with a special cream.

On the other hand, when we talk about the wing chair, we refer to a versatile piece in itself, a very special piece of furniture that can be both classic and modern at the same time. If we add a leather rug to it, we will be won in durability and we will have a piece of furniture capable of also resisting the evolution of trends.

It is the ideal chair to place in our English-style living room or next to the reading table in the room, the favorite chair for dad both at home and in his office, the furniture with more personality of the room and the most original.

The wing chair is a classic among the furniture, an armchair with a lot of history that once was the favorite in the houses of the nobility and even royalty and that today continues to surprise for its adaptability to modernity. The unique structure of this armchair has survived through time. A high backrest as well as the armrests, covered sides and their “ears” or lateral folds are the features.

This design was originally conceived to place the chair in front of the fireplace and keep the heat of its occupants, protecting their heads and arms from the cold currents, today is still a model of comfort. Its high back allows to rest the entire torso and in some designs up to the head; and if a footrest is added in front, we will have a piece of furniture that besides being original, will look great in the living room or the bedroom.

Although the essence of the original design is maintained, the wing chair has evolved to the rhythm of the trends so the market offers an almost unlimited number of styles. It is difficult not to get the ideal chair that perfectly suits the decoration of our spaces. From modern designs always inspired by the classics to incredible reproductions of old models.

A wing chair in leather will undoubtedly be the protagonist of any stay, an elegant and charming model capable of adapting to a classic or avant-garde decoration, always comfortable, a very special and stylish furniture.

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