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The wingback chair, a piece of art in our room

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Either to enjoy a meal at home or a good conversation with family and friends, we all look for the ideal chair. Much better if it is a timeless piece, which suits the decoration of our home no matter how much time passes. This is what Wingback chairs are furniture that besides being very comfortable, looks impressive at the head of any dining room and gives an elegant, classic and stylish look to any room.

With the wide variety of upholstery possibilities, the wingback chair can become a true piece of art for the home, that furniture that stands out and gives personality and sophistication to one of the most important spaces in the home, the living room. The new technologies also allow enjoying ergonomic styles, which considerably increase the possibility of rest. According to the preferences, a small stool can be placed in front of the chair to rest the feet.

The history of the wingback chair dates back to the 17th century, the favorite of the time and the favorite in the palaces, indispensable for its design in the lounges beautifully decorated, but also very comfortable. At the time, this piece of furniture was considered a symbol of power, a reputation that it maintains up to the present and that makes it, therefore, a key piece of decoration.

The wingback chair due to its characteristic shape can be considered a challenge when it comes to incorporating it in decoration. However, due to the versatility, they have shown in adapting to the global furniture market, it is becoming easier to find contemporary and more modern models without losing their essence. The more traditional wooden ones have evolved to have replaceable metal structures or legs, the fabrics or types of upholstery also offer today a wide variety of materials such as leather and an innumerable variety of colors and daring prints, a piece of furniture for young people and adults.

One or two wingback chairs can be all you need to give a new air to your dining room and mix things up a bit. Just make sure that the armrest of the chair is just below the table to avoid damaging the fabric or having to sit on the edge of the chair to eat. The most modern models have lower backs that allow them to adapt harmoniously to space.

If you have a hall or an empty house space where you never knew what to put, a pair of wingback chairs in twin fabrics may be what you need to breathe new life into that space in an easy and original way. Or, you can place one in that unoccupied space next to the window that bothers you so much, making it now a place for reading, for example.

If you prefer the classic and have a house with a fireplace, the wingback is the chair that was born to be in front of it. The corners or “ears” of the head and the shape of the arms were designed to protect people from air currents and better conserve heat.

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