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The wing chair, the star piece on your dining table

Written by sofas4u

When we talk about furniture for the home, those who take pains in the decoration look for furniture that is much more than just seats, look for comfort and style in one piece. This is the wing chair, a classic that promises to be the star of the living room, the dining table, the bedroom or that corner in which you dedicate yourself to enjoy your favorite book.

The wing chairs for dining table are always a hit in decoration because they bring personality and distinction immediately. Although its appearance makes many think that it is about chairs that could only go well in rooms with classic and conservative decorations, nothing is further from reality. The wing chair is one of the furniture that has been reinvented the most in history and today continues adapting to trends, ensuring a space in the most modern homes.

Considered by some to be the mother of comfortable furniture, the wing chair was created in England during the 17th century. Due to the cold weather, it was common for meetings to be held around the chimney so that, in order to keep its occupants warm and protect them from the cold air currents, this chair was made with lateral “wings”.

The original design of a wing chair consists of a seat with high backrest that allows the torso and head to rest, as well as wings on the sides of the seat that start at the head and end at the armrest. In principle, they were made exclusively of wood and with time the seat was modified, filling it to make it more comfortable. This is how the upholstery evolved, becoming increasingly striking and delicate.

More than a very comfortable seat, the wing chair was considered a piece of art, the furniture preferred by royalty and nobility. That personality that transmits luxury has maintained it until today and that sophisticated character is precisely what it can contribute in any space of the home.

In the dining table, a wing chair will be the focal point, both for its dimensions and its design. Those that are more robust and padded look better in wide spaces with high ceilings, while lighter styles and more delicate lines are more harmonious in smaller spaces, better if they have covered in light colors that illuminate the room and give a feeling of amplitude.

Those with leather upholstery are ideal for more elegant decorations, both classic and modern. In addition, leather is a noble material that only improves with age and is easy to maintain.

A single wing chair can be used or placed in pairs if space permits. This option offers much more in style than if you bought a single, simpler sofa.

The daring prints also offer interesting contrasts when combined with the right accessories, such as cushions, lamps, and rugs. However less risky combinations such as the blue carpet on furniture with wooden legs always look good.

But beyond the possible combinations of color, the wing chair is a jewel in itself, with so much character that it does not require many decorative ropes.

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