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The wing chair, the ideal piece of furniture for a stylish bedroom

Written by sofas4u

The decoration of a room is a delicate task, whose success depends on the care taken in the details. Choosing the furniture that is part of our rooms is essential to feel comfortable and get spaces with style. When it comes to the bedroom it is especially important to have the furniture that perfectly suits our personal style.

A wing chair can be that special piece you were needing in the room to make it your favorite place. It is a piece of furniture that by its powerful presence and comfort can transform the decoration of your room, adding many points in originality and elegance.

The bedroom is probably the room that best reflects the personality through decoration. If you’re looking to renew the space or give it a plus in aesthetics and comfort, a wing chair is the ideal piece of furniture for you. Thanks to the wide variety of designs offered by the furniture market, there is a wing chair for all needs and tastes.

A wing chair, by its shape, conveys above all sophistication but also a cozy feeling. It is found in the halls of English families since the seventeenth century and was preferred by the royalty and nobility of the time, the ideal chair to be placed near the fireplace because of its structure with lateral “wings” that ran from the head to the armrests, the wing chair allowed its occupants to protect themselves from the cold breeze and conserve heat.

Its original design has withstood the test of time and changing trends in decoration. Today, the most traditional wings are still high and wide back chairs with covered sides. Their “wings” are still there, enveloping the body, although now the possibilities of upholstery are much broader, almost infinite; and much higher comfort levels.

For a long time it was thought that these chairs could only adapt to very conservative or formal spaces, classrooms with a classic decoration and little risk, even thought of it as the grandfather’s chair. However, designers often surprise with more and more new designs and styles, inspired by the original structure but with very modern lines and more extroverted prints. A piece of furniture reinvented and always ready to be part of our homes.

Wing chairs for the bedroom are always an excellent option for decoration. A design in black and white colors and curvilinear and feminine lines, for example, is the exceptional complement of a dressing room, a touch of luxury.

On the other hand, a leather or velvet upholstered design immediately changes the corner where you sit to enjoy a good book. If you choose a reclining model, you will have the most elegant furniture to snuggle up and relax. And with the right lamps, tables, and accessories, you’ll have achieved such a lovely space that you do not want to step out of the room.

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