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The wing chair, the furniture with the personality you were looking for

Written by sofas4u

Choosing the ideal sofa for our living room can be an overwhelming task if we consider the incredible variety that the furniture market offers us. In all possible styles and made with the most diverse materials, with different levels of durability and, if that was not enough, an infinity of colors.

Most likely we will be looking for a special piece of furniture that, in addition to resisting the passage of time and the vertiginous change of tendencies, is original and with personality. This is precisely the famous wing chair, also known as armchair “wing” or “wings.” a classic among the furniture.

The wing chair is a piece with a history that has been reinvented on innumerable occasions during its life. Having been the favorite of royalty and nobility during the seventeenth century has not prevented him from adapting to modernity to satisfy the most contemporary tastes. The wing chair can be all you need to give it that touch of personality and elegance that was needed in your living room or room.

Online tools such as Pinterest can help us during the decision process, as it is a good source of images linked to useful information on an immense variety of topics, including very interesting ideas on decoration, various types, and styles of furniture, maintenance recommendations, online stores with the best prices and more. We can easily get our next wing chair on Pinterest, the one that best suits the home and personal tastes.

The sober and sophisticated personality of a wing chair brings distinction to any space, but we also talk about very comfortable furniture. Its distinctive feature is a high backrest that allows you to rest your entire back and head, with “ears” or “wings” on the sides, as well as a high and covered armrest, which in your days were ideal to protect its occupant of cold drafts and keep it warm in front of the fireplace. An unmistakable chair.

The upholstery that we choose for our furniture is essential if we want to get the decoration right. The possibilities go through the leather, ideal if it is a wing chair for an office or a classic style room; old fabrics full of details that give a sumptuous air, or, informal and modern fabrics with daring prints, which create an interesting contrast and add personality.

If you want to increase the level of comfort, even more, it is possible to add a small armchair in front of the wing chair, which serves as a footrest. This small additional furniture will give a more beautiful, personal and delicate touch to the room.

Although the essence of the wing chair, its unique structure is preserved, the designers have managed to adapt it to new decoration trends without subtracting personality or comfort. For this reason, it is difficult not to find one that satisfies our tastes. With less traditional lines or avant-garde designs, the wing chair is still a classic with a style that continues to survive over time and giving originality to any space.

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