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The Very High Back Chairs

Written by sofas4u

The very high back chairs surprise for the variety in design, materials, and color

In modern decoration, the concept of the kitchen open to the living room is fashionable, most modern families like to have a space to cook with others in the day to day, as well as in meetings with family and friends. The days when the kitchen was reserved for the person who cooked while all the fun of the meeting was in another environment are over.

For couples with small children, they are an ideal option because in this way they can always be supervised.

Both for those who opt for this type of open environments, as for those who have a bar in a lounge or on a terrace where to enjoy a relaxing drink with friends, the appropriate chairs are special, are very high back chairs or bar type. The furniture industry has not lagged behind in creating solutions for the new lifestyle and has created very high chairs, which can be incorporated into these spaces.

If the high chairs will be placed in the open kitchens, the main aspects to take into account are the following:

  • Must be easy to clean materials.
  • Investing in good quality ones is essential, especially if they will be used for daily breakfast, lunch, and
  • An extra is that they have a bar to support their feet.

The models in the current market do not stop surprising so much in the diversity of colors, as with respect to the materials and functionalities.

As for the colors, there are vibrant colors, never before thought to be incorporated into the home decor, but they also come in white, brown or black classics. When making your selection take into account if you want to use them to give a note of color to your environment or if you want to combine them with the color used in cabinets or kitchen countertops.

There are materials for all tastes, wood, wicker, plastic, polycarbonate, metal, resin or fiberglass and also combinations between them. They can be found upholstered or not. In the case of upholstery, the use of leather or semi-leather has been incorporated as an option to guarantee conservation. The options are so many and all with such a special charm that it will be difficult to choose!!

But the most novel thing is the functionality. In very high chairs you will find everything, without backrest, with a very short one, almost at the height of the hip, or with the one that reaches the middle of the back. You will find adjustable height through some system that will allow you to raise or lower them according to the use to which you are going to allocate and also adjust according to the height of the diner to offer greater comfort at lunchtime. Want even more options? You can also choose between swivels or fixed ones.

A very high chair is surely a piece of design that will put the detail that was missing in your home.

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