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The upholstery of your star piece

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If you own a Wing chair, you probably know that it has a very special and delicate piece of furniture. One of the most versatile and economical ways to renovate this chair and leave it as newly purchased is with new upholstery. The covers for wing chairs are increasingly varied, the market offers endless possibilities in terms of decoration are concerned and that includes the covers that we place on our furniture.

Considering that these chairs with “wings” have a high cost, due to their design and unique characteristics, it is important that when deciding to renew them, they should be placed in the hands of experts in the area, assuring us that the result will be as satisfactory as possible, since they will have the care that a piece of furniture like this requires.

The upholstery of furniture is a key factor in the decoration of any space since the materials and colors chosen will give personality to the piece and a style of the rooms. We must also keep in mind that the best option is to choose always quality and durable materials.

With a good work of upholstery, we can get a more modern look at classic furniture like a wing chair, without subtracting elegance, rather add it in style and give it new life. If we add a good varnishing job, we will have totally new chairs.

For wing chairs, which are intended to be used frequently, it is best to avoid delicate fabrics such as cotton and instead choose fabrics more resistant to wear such as linen, canvas or synthetic fabrics. As for the color, if the legs of the armchair are made of wood, this noble material helps to combine the colors more easily and is particularly good when combined with blue, creating a striking contrast and classic and modern at the same time. On the other hand, it is also smart to choose fabrics that are easy to maintain, that we can clean with a vacuum cleaner or with a duster.

A very cozy option that looks very elegant is leather. A leather armchair invites you to sit and hang out, besides being an extremely durable material that only improves with age, an investment recommended for lovers of the classic. The best thing is that the riskiest should not settle for the typical brown leather because of this material there is also much to choose from.

The design of the fabrics will always depend on the style of the room where we place our wing chair. An armchair in black color inside a white room accentuates the intrinsic elegance of the seat and makes it the star piece without too much effort.

A fabric in beige colors or with delicate patterns harmonizes a wing located in a wooden dining room or next to the fireplace, giving more warmth to space. A leather upholstery is perfect in the library or in the space where you read or check your emails. Dare to give a new look to your home just by reupholstering your furniture.

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