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The role of the sofa in the finance hull

Written by sofas4u

In the business and commercial world, more than in any other area of ​​life, the image we project to our clients can make a difference and is the key to attracting new opportunities for growth, a space in which the design of the sofa it becomes that touch of distinction and quality for your company is the room or living room in which you will receive your captive and potential clients.

For the choice of sofas style in the financial center there are two types of basic options; one is the Classical, the old and refined style of Louis XV type sofas where Brocade type fabrics predominate; which is the name given to fabrics made with precious metal threads (gold or silver), currently replaced by synthetic fibers. These fabrics are characterized by being very resistant and from their confection; attractive relief drawings of different colors are obtained.

Another excellent option for sofas in this type of space is the Chenille; which bears the name of the fabric that composes it, forming a weft of small cut threads that give it a velvety appearance, it can be cotton, wool or linen, although the usual is the mixture of synthetic and natural fibers to guarantee strength and durability. In these sofas, the structure and the armrest are built mainly with hardwoods such as mahogany, olive, etc what gives added value to our piece.

Another of the most used styles in business and financial, is the modern and minimalist leather sofa with straight and sober lines, in this design the pattern is marked by leather upholstery matte or glossy, dark brown and/or black, which gives the client warmth and confidence about the seriousness and solidity of the foolish environment in which he finds himself. As for its structure, we have that it can be both hard and dark kinds of wood as in classic models, as metal both internally and externally where mainly stainless steel is used or otherwise the chrome or shiny metal finish.

In summary, the image that we project to our clients as a company is very important, and the opportunity to choose a good quality sofa can be the touch of distinction and elegance that makes the difference and allows us to stand out above our competitors. That is why the image you project in the reception room of your company that is the first impression that your customers will take should be more than ever a priority.

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