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The rest and the fun in one piece

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The sofa, that fundamental piece of the main living room of your home, in which we spend most of our leisure time, where we share with our family and friends, in which we watch our favorite program or simply relax; deserves special consideration;

An interesting piece to explore, in terms of its qualities and the advantages it has is the sofa bed, currently, there is a wide range of design in the market for this type of furniture, which can give the atmosphere of your home a touch of modernity and unique comfort. The modern style has been complemented in its aesthetics by the high functionality of the models with a compartment for books, small decorative pieces, incorporation of complimentary tables and even lighting. When choosing a sofa bed should take into account some aspects or particular characteristics (by the duality in its use), such as the quality of the padding, which has characteristics similar to that of mattresses.

There are currently very comfortable fill options such as latex, viscoelastic and foaming, which due to studies on the importance of a restful sleep, experts in materials technology have developed. Another fundamental aspect is the type of material to be used in the upholstery, it must be a type of fresh fabric, breathable, preferably of natural fabric, soft to the touch and above all resistant to rubbing.

As for the opening systems, the sofa beds have also evolved surprisingly; behind were those cumbersome opening systems that required great physical effort to put together the sofa bed. The Italian system offers the advantage that it is very easy and comfortable to unfold, the cushions are attached to the sofa and when expanding the corresponding piece to the bed these are already arranged as a pillow, apart some sofas of this type have in its interior an empty space arranged to store the pillows and bedspreads that are used at the time of sleep. Another system currently used is the pressure system or click-clack, with this system the sofa is the closest thing to a completely horizontal bed, just by pressing on the part corresponding to the back of the furniture, and the cushions can be incorporated or no, according to the user’s taste, like pillows.

There is a large stock or inventory of a series of models and designs whose principles of operation are basically the two explained above; with a series of variants in terms of capacity (one, two three and up to four seats per sofa), the use of color (uniform unicolor, unicolor combined, unicolor in combination with prints and other completely printed).

In the online store, you will find the sofa bed that suits your needs and financed at the best market rate and at affordable rates, dare and discover a world of possibilities for you.

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