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The history of Wingback chair

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Furniture is an important part of our lives not only are essential elements in the decoration of our home, reflecting personal tastes but also depends on the degree of comfort that each of our rooms will have. From the need to create a piece of furniture whose functionality was beyond giving us a seat, the wingback chair was born, a very special piece.

The history of the wingback chair dates back to the 1600s in England. Due to the cold weather, one of the favorite places of the meetings was by the fireplace, in front of which the chairs were located. The original design was made exclusively with wood and was simple style but its originality is due to its structure. A traditional wing chair consists of a tall and wide backrest with equally high and covered armrests, with lateral “wings” that “hugged” its occupant protecting it from cold breezes and helping it to keep warm.

By its high back, whoever sat on it could rest completely on the torso and head, which meant an innovation in terms of comfort. It was in the eighteenth century when it began to incorporate upholstery and turn it into a piece of furniture that was becoming more welcoming and elegant. In the nineteenth century they began to generously fill the seats with very comfortable materials and from then on the covers began to evolve towards velvet and bright and ornate fabrics.

The French were responsible for reinventing the wing chair for the first time, with the creation of the armchair “Bergére”, which was inspired by the original design of the Wing, with arms upholstered but with a lower back, called “á la reine” and with less pronounced wings on the sides of the head.

Then, it was the English themselves who developed wing remodeled chairs, which had extra-large wings, lower seats and elegant frames with many details. The works were made by the most famous cabinetmakers, who turned these chairs into real pieces of art.

During colonial times the wingback chair crossed the Atlantic to become the favorite of American homes, being preferred in the bedrooms. Since then it has not stopped changing and adapting to the times, but always maintaining its essence.

Currently, it is possible to find different models and styles of furniture inspired by the traditional wingback chair, in all sizes and styles, in innumerable fabrics and colors. A piece of furniture capable of being modern and classic at the same time, traditional or informal, for the most conservative and the most daring, a design that continues to resist the passage of time and has the same potential as in its beginnings, to be the star piece of any space.

The throne-shaped chair that was the favorite of royalty and nobility is still admired for its comfort and elegant curves in modern decoration, a piece that is worth investing in if you are looking for a classic and timeless piece of furniture.

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