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The High Back Chairs

Written by sofas4u

High-backed chairs, an option for any home environment

High-backed chairs are among many people’s favorites, both for the elegance and distinction they give to any environment where they are placed and for the comfort they provide to the back and neck area, allowing full support, allowing the rest of the body.

At home, they are usually the protagonists of the dining rooms and especially those who seek comfort and style at the time of large celebrations or small meetings with family and friends.

They are achieved in classic styles of decoration, Louis XV or Provencal style, but also some evoke the English style of the wing chairs or more modern styles with pure lines and made of traditional materials such as wood or metal.

As for the design of high-backed dining chairs, there is as much variety as tastes, and the following variants can be found:

  • Those with padded seats and backs, upholstered in unicolor fabrics or with prints in clear evocation to French or English styles, or also those covered in leather.
  • There are seats and backs in wood, without any kind of cushion or padding, or those that only have it, on the seat, showing the natural backrest.
  • There are high wooden backs and with mat seats,
  • Others have high backs and a continuous seat, usually upholstered in leather or semi-leather and with modern designs that may include metal legs.
  • They can also have or not armrests and sometimes these only occupy half of the seat, to allow the approach to the table without difficulty.

But high-backed chairs are also often incorporated as decorative elements in an entrance hall or in a lounge, as a complement to armchairs and sofas, or in a special corner that wants to stand out. Whether they are used in combination or in contrast to the decoration of the environment is always a good option.

Other areas where high-backed chairs take center stage are in studios or work areas within the home. There are numerous studies aimed at identifying the best solutions to avoid but eliminate one of the biggest evils of modern society, the lumbar and cervical affections, which cause the prolonged use of computers and tablets. Today these teams are part of life at home, because in them we watch movies, do homework, play video games or make payments. Ergonomics at this time is essential and therefore the furniture industry has been concerned with designing elegant chairs that can easily be incorporated into any space, but yes, what they all have in common is a high backrest, to always provide the greatest comfort and possible support.

For the use in courtyards and gardens, the preferences of the users are also for those who have a high back, the reason is simple, these spaces are used for rest and relaxation, so having a slight inclination of the back and complete support for both her and the head is essential.

Betting on a high-backed chair in any space of the home will always be a winning option.

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