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The elegance and versatility of the wing chair

Written by sofas4u

The decoration of our home is a matter that should never be taken lightly. To achieve pleasant and original stays that truly reflect our personality, it is necessary to work carefully in each element. One of the essential aspects to consider is the furniture. Choosing the ideal may not be an easy task due to the innumerable options offered by the market. Therefore, on this occasion, we want to talk about a very special piece, the wing chair.

The wing chair is a high and wide backrest whose distinctive feature is the wings or lateral angles that go from the head to the armrest. This structure was conceived in the 1600s in England, with the intention of protecting the occupants from the cold currents and allowing them to maintain the heat emanating from the chimney, next to which the chairs were placed.

The design was very successful in its time and since then the wing chair has managed to reinvent itself many times in history without losing its essence, that unique and unmistakable structure. At the moment it continues conquering spaces and showing its versatility to adapt to different types of decoration, both classic and modern.

The place par excellence of the wing chair is as the focal point of the room, the protagonist piece that attracts the attention and that gives elegance, originality, and style to the room. Due to its dimensions or its design, the wing chair has all the potential to be the star of the house.

However, its possible uses are not limited to the classroom. It is increasingly common to see wing chairs for dining tables. Placing a couple of these armchairs in each corner of the table can be all that the dining room needs to change air without having to replace the whole set. Some of the best moments in the family are lived at the table around the food, therefore, everyone should feel proud of their living room. Converting it into a cozy and stylish space is possible with a wing chair.

The more traditional designs are usually quite large and ideal for large spaces, but there are also lighter and more delicate lines that go better in the living room. It is important to take into account that the armrest of the chair should be just below the table, otherwise the seat would be too far forcing its occupant to sit on the edge, which would be very uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if the armrests are below, undesirable spots are avoided, so it is also advisable to choose durable and easy to maintain fabrics.

Another recommendation is to choose models with backs not so high that they will be in harmony with the rest of the chairs and choose light colors if what we want is to give light to the room and make it look more spacious. If the set is made of wood they are especially good because they transmit warmth.

Similarly, wing chairs with more daring prints or leather upholstery can easily adapt to more modern decorations.

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