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The cheap wingback chair, a design that has defied the passage of time

Written by sofas4u

Today we want to talk about a very special piece of furniture, the wingback chair. The wingback is a kind of armchair that was born in the 1600s in England. Its characteristic form is due to the fact that at the time, its main function was to keep the person who occupied it warm. Born in a climate of low temperatures, it was usual to place it in front of the fireplace where its “ears” in the part of the headboard and the high arms rest allowed people to protect themselves from the cold currents.

The wingback chair is one of the furniture that has been reinvented most throughout its life but without losing its essence. Originally made of wood and with backrest and seat without cushions (which responded more to its functionality than to its comfort), today it is difficult to choose between one design and another because their styles are very varied, as well as their degrees of comfort.

The “Bergére” French armchair is just one example of many, of a type of furniture that was inspired by the shape of the wingback chair. Over time, fabrics and fillings of different types became more and more comfortable, until reaching the current ergonomics whose objective is to offer the greatest possible comfort.

Talking about such a piece of furniture could make you think that its cost is very high and that it would be impossible to get cheap wingback chairs or at affordable prices. However, many pages of furniture offer these chairs made with cheap materials, which do not necessarily detract from the style. Thanks to the new forces of the ecological movement, which does not escape the world of decoration, it is possible to get wingback chairs made with materials more friendly to the environment, at a good price and without losing design.

If you have fancy tastes, the wingback chair can be a work of art in your living room, a fundamental piece of elegant decoration. It is a piece that adds immediate style to any space. A piece of furniture that does not have to be included (only) in traditional decorations but adapts to the most contemporary styles. The backrest chair that was made many years ago with frames of many details and that was the favorite of royalty and wealthy people, today we can find it in models increasingly timeless and original.

One of the most important considerations that the owner of a wingback chair should take into account is that when renovating it with new upholstery, it is best to go to expert hands. We must remember that we are talking about a piece with a unique personality that is worth keeping and caring for.

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