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The charm and versatility of the Wing chair

Written by sofas4u

When we talk about decoration, we know that furniture is a essential piece that define the personality of each space. The style and degree of comfort of each room depend on them. Choosing the ideal furniture is making a trip through an almost infinite world of options, styles, designs, materials, structures, textures, colors and prices. This time, we want to talk about a very special piece of furniture, the wing chair.

A wing chair is a piece with a lot of meaning. It is an unmistakable piece of furniture with a unique history. It is originality and elegance, a classic among furniture, for many even the mother of all chairs. The English word “wing” means “wings” and refers to the shape of the chair itself, a feature that makes it unique.

A traditional Wing chair has a high and wide backrest that allows you to rest your entire torso and head, something that at the time differentiated it from all other chairs, an innovation in comfort. The back has lateral “wings” that give to whom rests on it, the sensation of being embraced. Precisely its design was conceived to protect its occupant from the cold breezes, so they were strategically located near the chimneys of English homes to keep warm.

A wing chair is a piece of furniture with a character with all the potential to be the star piece of the room, the element that stands out both for its dimensions and its design. A classic and elegant armchair that is usually associated with the most traditional and conservative styles of decoration but has shown great versatility to adapt to the trends and to satisfy the most contemporary tastes and the most modern preferences.

For its comfort, it is one of the favorite furniture to place in the library or in that area of ​​the house that we use to read, either in the room or next to a table in the window at one end of the room. If it is placed in the living room, it becomes the focal point and if it is added to the dining room (a couple of chairs with simpler lines and a more delicate structure), it is quickly renewed without much effort and without the need to replace the complete set.

With noble upholstery like leather, the level of sophistication is increased and durability is gained. With patterned and daring fabrics, interesting contrasts are created that give a lot of originality without clashing.

If you add a small stool in front of the wing chair as a footrest we will be increasing the degree of comfort but also placing an element that makes space look more attractive and personal.

This type of furniture due to its large size and presence is ideal for large spaces and high ceilings but also lighter designs and more subtle lines, which adapt to smaller and modern spaces.

The charm of the wing chair ensures that it is always the protagonist of the room where it is placed. It is a model that has withstood the test of time and that is still a piece that is worth having at home.

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