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The best upholstery for sofas on finance in Northern Ireland

Written by sofas4u

If you are considering a change to the decoration of your living room, we recommend consulting your trusted decorator, who will surely advise you to acquire one of our soft sofas made in the best microfiber on the market. Progressively but constantly, microfiber has become popular among furniture manufacturers and designers. It is an extra strong material, one of its main components is polyester, which gives it unique characteristics to the touch and a versatile ability to support a wide palette of prints and colors. In laboratories where this spectacular material has been subjected to resistance tests and pilling, microfiber has proven to be much finer than cotton, silk or linen.

Microfiber was developed by Swedish scientists in the nineties as a support element in cleaning processes. As often happens with other types of technical development, such as nylon or methacrylate, it was soon determined that their strength and malleability were applicable in other areas of the industry. Its range of life, adapted to the use and wear in the most diverse conditions, constitutes a solid guarantee that it will remain unchanged, in terms of its length and color, for a long time.

The upholstered furniture with microfiber offers conditions of quilting, attractiveness, softness, and ease of cleaning that rival traditional material such as leather, velvet or silk. These sensory variables have gained more and more popularity among designers, distributors and end users of this type of furniture. In fact, a large clientele has begun to modify its selection criteria. Many buyers are choosing not only for a particular color or pattern, leaning more and more for novel concepts such as washable fabrics, resistance to the nails of pets or that are not discolored by the effect of ultraviolet rays.

Sofas lined with microfiber are the real competition for traditional coatings, because of the aforementioned characteristics and also because of their cost which is substantially lower than other elements. In our factory, we have chosen as a complement to this upholstery material, the high-density foam which in addition to being fresh and comfortable remains without noticeable physical changes after years of use. It is a combination of materials developed with state-of-the-art technology that begin to set a trend in the hard-fought ambiance of interior decoration.

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