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The best finance sofa by dfs in Barclays

Written by sofas4u

At DFS we offer you the best to condition your home with the most beautiful and best quality sofas, the largest variety of designs and colors for you to choose from.

With DFS you choose where, how and when to buy. You can visit the exhibitions directly in our commercial establishments, there you have the advantage of interacting directly with our salespeople and expert advisers who will help you with your concerns, you can also have direct contact and touch the different materials we have.

Now if you prefer to make your purchases without having to move to the site or leave your home or office, we also have our online store where you can make your purchase electronically and receive a text message on your cell phone confirming the request, the other paperwork will be done through your email address.

DFS has established agreements with Barclays and other prestigious credit agencies so that you can acquire your desired sofa with interest-free financing and so that you do not have to significantly affect your finances.

Through these DFS agreements, a buyer has greater opportunities to opt for a loan to buy their new furniture. If you choose to buy and select as you wish the financing within the offered options that will be of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and up to 48 months, you choose how to pay, we offer you the greatest flexibility so that you can cancel in a maximum term of up to 4 years financed and without interest.

Only by sending your request to any of the affiliated companies you can obtain the financing to buy your sofa, only confirming the information of your personal data and your credit record will inform your decision. If a company rejects it, that will not be an obstacle, we would try another credit provider under the same terms you requested.

You can already buy DFS your sofa will be possible, through the different offers and payment strategies. You can buy the furniture you want and start paying in Easter next year, or you can take it from now on and start paying the first installment within a month and continue paying on credit for 3 years without interest. Another store does not offer all these advantages or give you such confidence.

If you are another type of client and still want to have a business relationship with us you can also pay without having to resort to our offers, paying a reservation at the time of purchase and the rest before the estimated time of delivery, using cash, card debit or credit according to what is most convenient and satisfies our customers.

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