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In the Victorian era, the religiosity developed by Queen Victoria of England was developed adopting Christian designs both in structures and in the manufacture of furniture. In that medieval era arises industrialism where the middle class goes from being farmers to factory workers earning more money. That allowed them to have economic accessibility to buy furniture made for the home, the most demanded were the sofas that would immediately become a classic since having them at home meant being at the top of society so sober and elegant are their designs. Nowadays, this kind of sofas is very much in use when you want to give a feeling of wonder, beauty, romanticism of great content mixed with sobriety and elegance inside a room or meeting room.

They are furnished with many curves, rounded corners, and bright finishes. We must forget about the simple lines. Mahogany, rosewood, walnut, and oak are the most popular woods for the manufacture of these sofas. Comfort is the most important factor in design. In the upholstery is used the captioned that is the distinctive element of the furniture of that time.

Additionally, these furniture have natural images carved as green leaves, flowers, and animals. The classic shape of a sofa or table is straight but curved along the back of the seat.

The upholstery is made of luxury materials and textured like velvet. Highly printed fabrics, brocades, and embroidery are used to cover chairs, sofas or poufs. The colors are very rich and exuberant but they are also mixed with dark colors which are normally the intense brown color of the wood used. The use of red, burgundy, violet, yellow and blue is recommended. Most classic Victorian sofas feature trims like tassels, laces, braids, crystals, and fringes providing character and balance in the decorations.

To complement the classic or Victorian furniture in the room you should use decorative moldings, ornaments, plasterwork, and arches for your walls. Hang ancestral portraits and paintings on the wall with wooden frames. Install crystal chandeliers, place chandeliers and mirrors with elaborate gold-colored frames or carved wood. Use silk, brocade and damask fabrics to decorate windows.

Your room will look more Victorian if you put roses in a pot, fruits in a bowl and some beautiful candles. Use carpets with the oriental pattern. You can also use cloths on the floor with a canvas painted on it for smaller rooms.

Do not worry if you spend a lot of time and effort to decorate your room in Victorian style, you will surely feel happy and satisfied with the magnificent design of the luxury living room.

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