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As you know, sofas are one of the most expensive furniture we have to buy for our home. It is the furniture where you receive family and friends and their appearance says a lot about our hygiene and customs that as a family we have. In this article, we will indicate how to protect your sofa so that it always has an impeccable appearance and guarantees the durability of the investment made.

Lining the sofas is the most economical way to protect your sofa and at the same time revitalizes the decoration of the room. You can choose or buy linings for sofas or make your own lining.

If you decide to buy the sofa lining:

They are available in most sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. But to buy them we recommend:

1.- Measure with a tape measure your sofa so that you know how long the lining will be that you are going to buy.

2.- Choose the color or a design that combines with the room or room where the sofa is located. 3.- Observe very well the recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the size, so you will ensure that the lining fits properly on the sofa.

4.- Choose a lining that is made of a lightweight and highly resistant material.

5.- Ask the seller if he can give you a sample before buying the lining.

6.- Buy the lining of your preference and place it on the sofa. You must adjust it to stretch all wrinkles or creases.

If you decide to make the lining of the sofa:

Before making this decision we must be very aware of our capabilities as seamstresses:

1.- Visit cloth stores to find the desired material.

2.- Create templates or patterns to cut the fabric.

3.- Cut the templates or patterns you drew and place it on the acquired fabric.

4.- Draw the model of the template or pattern on the fabric using a graphite pencil leaving 2 cm (0.8 inches) of the border around the design of the seat and a seam of 5 cm (2 inches) around the models of arms and the back.

5.- With special scissors for fabrics, cut the drawn models. Once you have all the parts cut, place them on your sofa to make sure they all fit together.

6.- Remove the models that you put on the sofa and fill them.

7.- Put the lining you just made to the sofa. Stretch any wrinkles or creases that may remain.

Additional advice:

You can use a spatula or wooden spoon to stretch the new liner either purchased or manufactured. If something is spilled on the lining, it is necessary to clean it as quickly as possible to preserve the life of the lining and also prevent it from being transferred to the sofa. To prevent the lining fabric from shrinking from the washing product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you bought a lining that fits the sofa very tight or very loose we recommend that you return it and look for a lining that fits your sofa.

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