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A sofa is a piece of furniture normally used so that people can sit comfortably in any situation, whether to rest, wait to be seen, watch television or just read a book.

They are used in the home regularly in the reception room, in the offices and doctors’ offices in what they call the waiting room, in games rooms where the family watches television or the children play with video games equipment, the psychiatric doctors they use them with their patients in their consultations and there are hotels that place them for couples to satisfy their sexual desires, in conclusion, there are many uses that can be given to a sofa.

They exist in different shapes and styles. The most used are the modular ones that allow people to adapt them quickly to the available space; there are also the so-called Camelback sofas which are very traditional, very stately for very sober and majestic environments; others are called Chesterfield which brings an English look to the home being attractive to the eye and Lawson sofas that are very modern and usually with very straight lines.

The designers have innovated in the design of the sofas, nowadays there are L-shaped sofas or corners that allow you to use the corners and take advantage of more spaces, the sofas beds that for the night you transform it into bed to sleep and in the day you convert it into a sofa for rest and relaxation and sofas with reclining mechanisms for orthopedic rest for people that include headrests and leg supports, these are very important to take care of our posture and therefore to health. Additionally, there are what they call a single sofa (armchairs or armchairs), are usually used to watch television and rest of older adults. These armchairs or armchairs in ancient times were used by kings and pharaohs.

With regard to the colors and the type of fabric is strict to the client’s taste, however, we recommend that you consider the type of person and use that you will give the sofa. If those who are going to use it are children, we recommend colors and fabrics that allow you to easily clean up any spill of liquid that may occur. If you are going to place it in a waiting room, for the volume of people we recommend using colors that allow hiding in a certain way the dirty that will generate the number of people who will use it daily. If it is a medical office we recommend light colors that give harmony and serenity to the people who are going to be treated. In short, it is you who decides what type, what color and with what fabric you want to buy your sofa.

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