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Do you need to furnish your home? Do you need to rest and can not make this investment? Some stores offer financing service so that you can acquire the best designs of sofas without significantly altering your monthly budget.

Many times we limit ourselves to buy the furniture we want, that we really like, that meet our expectations, that fit our spaces and particular design and we choose a simple or low cost because it fits the budget available. The sofas are special furniture for many people, and being able to pay them monthly is an incentive to take the step and decide that it is part of the furniture in our home.

Companies through market studies update their offers in order to increase their sales and one of the strategies that generate more immediate results is the offer of payments by installments, credit or financing.

Its main function is the sale of the product but also significantly expand its portfolio of potential customers to ensure commercial success.

How does it work?

The different establishments through private agreements with another company or commercial through banking, design credit programs so that their customers can pay for the acquisition of the desired sofa in monthly installments financed 12, 24 or 36 months as appropriate for both parties, with or without interests according to the rigidity of the contract. For this purpose, the client must provide all the requirements demanded by the company for its support.

Modalities of payment.

The most common form of payment is by credit card through the affiliation to your bank account so that the agreed amount is debited, and with the debit card when it is through agreements with private companies.

However, currently, a large number of online stores have provided resources to expand their revenue platform using electronic payment instruments that allow extending their commercial scope. These instruments are:

– You pay with credit card; through affiliation to secure banking platforms (some require a specific key for online purchases)

– Payment with virtual cards; through affiliation and depending on the currency.

– Paypal payments; through your PayPal account or debit or credit card (if you do not have a PayPal account) quickly and safely without offering more financial information.



One of the advantages of acquiring your sofa on credit is that you can begin to enjoy its benefits and comfort without having to wait to collect the full amount of the price to take it home or office.

You can advance fees or cancel the total amount at any time you have liquidity without affecting your immediate budget.

You become a customer with commercial references to acquire new credits if you honor your commitments as agreed.

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