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One of the main areas in the house is the living room or lounge, where we sit with family or friends to talk, to watch a movie, share and spend a lot of leisure time and the sofa is the protagonist of the decoration for its aesthetic design as for its functionality, but its main feature must be a comfort for tranquility, rest and entertainment.

A sofa is not a simple piece of furniture, it is a piece that defines the image of our spaces. There are designs of great versatility and multiple uses. There are sofas of two and three pieces, with chaise lounge, in the corner, with footrest, modular sofas that allow adapting them to any space, sofa beds, some very modern and easy to disassemble.

There are classic models, avant-garde, ultramodern, contemporary, vintage, minimalist, with cushions, armrests, endless creations to choose from.

When choosing a sofa you must take into account important features such as its design, upholstery, armrests, and legs. The filling of the seats, the height of the backrest allow the head to rest and the low and padded armrests to have more comfort.

We must be clear about the use we will make of it, since especially in spaces where there are children, a robust sofa must be chosen that resists the daily wear of the uses and games of the youngest children. Study the possibilities of space and organization as well as the environment and the style we want to create.

For small spaces and with low lighting it is recommended to choose sofas with light colors and that contribute to optimizing the space without sacrificing its most important characteristic; the comfort.


A sofa is a multifunctional furniture that we can adapt to the needs of each space and requirement, whether it is a sofa for the intimate room of a family home, for children’s playrooms, waiting rooms of various kinds (medical services, public services , hotel lobby), meeting spaces in restaurants, to rent festivities and shows, adding our personal taste in the selection of the size, color, shape, texture and durability of the fabrics, we create the different environments.

A sofa unlike a chair or other furniture allows to have several positions of relaxation and allows a more comfortable body adaptation.

Currently, the manufacture of sofas in lighter materials is considered (without compromising the quality) that allows their movement and mobility in a lighter way. The ease of combining with other furniture in the same environment.

Some have a double function, bed, and seat (sofa bed) without taking up more space.

Although in the market there is a wide variety of products for cleaning and maintenance of upholstery of furniture, the sofa made of leather or leather is in great demand because it provides ease at the time of cleaning.

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