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Modular sofas are a group of individual pieces that function as an integrated furniture system. The benefits of modular sofas consist of their ease to adjust to different spaces since we can change them according to the need or combine them in multiple ways according to your taste and personal preference.

The modular sofas allow harmonizing several environments, offering all the possibilities of expansion due to the advantage of the mobility of their parts. It is suggested to use them for large spaces so that they can shine in all their splendor.

In the market there is a wide variety of models and designs ranging from the most practical, simple shapes and materials, small two or three seats, through those that have feet and corner, to the most elegant, sophisticated made with materials high quality with table, reclining backs, round poufs, and accessories that complement it. There are endless options to choose from to change the common appearance of your spaces and provide a different touch, taking advantage of all the advantages offered by a modular sofa.

Straight lines design

It allows to have more or less space depending on the room, they are usually of a more sober style although they are very modern models, they are offered with and without armrests, with different width and height measurements, in a variety of tapestries and colors.

Modular with corner

It usually has more elements because the corner allows the option to take advantage of the different angles and corners of the room, thus being able to have different organizations adding or removing pieces as appropriate. They are models that go more with the current and contemporary, can have straight lines but also incorporating the curves in some pieces to provide a bit of subtlety and harmony. It can also be combined with poufs and armchairs that combine with the decoration.

Modular with steel structure

They are ideal to adapt to any modern decoration, breaking with the proposals of common structures that require specific environments. Steel is a metal that is easy to maintain and has a lot of durability and resistance. Its natural color combines with all colors and textures. Modular sofas with steel legs allow facilitating cleaning and maintenance of both the areas that occupy and the same piece of furniture. It is friendly to combine with other L-shaped elements or in small spaces.

Modular with removable covers

They tend to be extremely comfortable due to the quality of their cushions, since that is where their protagonist is focused because, by offering the option to change the covers, we will have to manipulate them more frequently. The modular with removable covers offer the availability of combining them with any decoration or environment without having to buy new furniture.

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