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A sofa is a very expensive valuable piece for our decoration and for the many uses we give it, but it is inevitable to run the risk of dirtying them, staining them and wearing them down over time.

We must maintain a certain maintenance regime to reduce as much as possible the deterioration due to constant use. However, sometimes our efforts to make good use of the sofa are affected by incidents or circumstances that we can not avoid, such as; the spill of some liquid, remains of materials or food that are left in the crevices and spaces between the cushions, a trip with the sole of the shoes, in short, eventualities that can not be escaped many times not even taking precautions to avoid them.

That’s why we offer a series of recommendations that are very useful for the maintenance of your sofa:

The first thing must be to learn how to do a good cleaning, removing all the cushions and seats, we put them aside to clean with the vacuum cleaner, without going through all the cracks, edges and corners of the furniture, check between the seat and the backing that there are no crumbs or traces of dust, using the brushes removes dust from the vacuum cleaner, in the same way we will do with the cushions and seats, then shake them well and place them in an organized way again in their place.

If we discover a stain we must first identify what type of stain is, or what caused it to know what products we can use to eliminate it, the most common are those of common dirt, grease, and ink (markers or pens).

There are different homemade tricks to remove stains easily and quickly without leaving traces, such as making foams with dishwashing soaps, using talc or baking soda, among others. There are also a variety of commercial products for cleaning tapestries and fabrics, such as dry-use liquid foams and dry soaps that provide excellent results.

However, one of the most difficult to remove is the ink, it is a very complicated but not impossible task, before panicking we can do a test to know if the ink that has been spilled is washable or not. Some are water-based and are easily removed, but for the most rebellious we recommend putting into practice what we are going to explain next:

First; You’re going to need some things: absorbent paper like the one we use in the kitchen, a towel or cloth that does not fade, foam to clean upholstery and a sponge.

Dry the area of ​​the stain trying to absorb the largest amount of ink, spray the stain by spraying the foam upholstery following the instructions of the merchant and letting it act for the recommended time, then clean with the sponge avoiding to enlarge the stain and dry with the cloth cleansed. If it persists, repeat the operation and the results will improve.

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