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Buy the best sofas in London road

In the city of London and its surroundings, there are many furniture factories that have been in this business for years. But there is one that is dedicated to the sale of sofas, known as London Road Furniture. The prestige that surrounds this company has crossed borders, thanks to the quality furniture that it produces and the excellent attention it provides to the users.

This factory is based in a house that goes back to the Georgian era and was identified by the name of The Polhill Arms. It was used as public housing and was rebuilt for the purpose of making rooms to display the furniture.

In this building, many models are exhibited in its 3 floors, which cover almost 4500 square feet of extension. The hours are from Thursday to Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., with a special schedule on Sunday from 11 a.m. at 3 p.m. and it does not open to the public on Wednesdays.

With offices in Kent, Halstead, and Sevenoaks, it has become one of the most important stores in terms of the variety of designs and models in exhibitions of collections such as Tetrad, Italia Living, Fama, Richmond Interiors, Pierson Furniture and Skovby.

We have more than three decades in the business, so we know everything you need to provide excellent customer service and offer the most affordable prices you will find in the market, in exchange for unprecedented quality.

The suppliers that provide sofas made of oak offer the most spectacular contemporary models to give your stay the country and fresh touch of the field.

The robustness of each piece does not detract from its beauty and delicacy, as they are made by experts who work wood perfectly and combine it with the most modern lines, to give modernity to spaces.

Each of the finishes is handmade, which gives the uniqueness and perfect finish to the furniture, counting on the highest levels of manufacturing, which have no comparison with other factories.

The oak used to make this furniture has been protected, so as not to cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem. These sofas will have a long lifespan, which will affect the customer’s budget, as it will not have to be replaced in a long time, remaining intact over the years and with minimal maintenance, thanks to the treatment of the wood.

The factory exhibits a large number of sofas and furniture for the home at surprisingly low prices, which have no comparison with any other manufacturer. In addition to the furniture belonging to the Carnac collection, Pierson, Lloyd Loom or Couture, handmade accessories are offered to complement the decoration of the home.

So, this company that has been growing the last two decades and adapting to the changes to be the most complete distributor of quality furniture made of oak, has managed to position itself among the most visited in London.

Since its inception, in an exhibition hall in a house that has been remodeling, it has stood out for providing personalized service to the client through the web page or by the telephone number 01959 533433, where the questions and queries of the users are gladly answered.


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