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It is very nice to have a pet at home, enjoy your company, that when you get home that animal is waiting for us, but these usually cause damage to the furniture in the room or lounge, they scratch him, urinate, full of hairs, of faeces and a host of inconveniences that can spoil the furniture, especially in the sofas, for that reason I suggest the linings for greater protection.

The linings are very easy to put, you can get different sizes ideal for each type of sofa, the designs that you like and combine with your being, your mood and so you can change the lining as many times as you want, in minutes you will have your sofa well protected, and modern before the disasters of these beautiful creatures.

These protectors are very easy to wash, when it is necessary, just remove the lining of the furniture and ready to the washing machine, if we think they are very expensive, I tell you that it is easier and cheaper to have the liners to be buying numerous products that help you to remove those terrible spots of poop and urine.

There are some products that, apart from being very expensive, are not very effective in combating the different types of stains that your pets can generate on sofas, so it is better not to take risks and have several liners in the laundry drawer so you do not suffer from to be able to eliminate some stain on the sofa that your consented pet has left as a gift.

We must consider what type of fabric to buy the linings to cover the sofas, depending on the pet we have at home, for example, cats love to file their nails on any surface where their legs are hooked, then, in that case, recommends buying a lining with very little texture and hairy, that will prevent the feline can not hold on to the sofa, it is very fun to see them try to scratch the fabric and leave disappointed as they can not stay cherry on it, thus passing the days they will forget and stop trying, while the puppies are different because they do not tend to scratch any fabric, but if they tend to climb everywhere to get well curled up and comfortable.

If for some reason the stain should absorb the lining, then we will have to take extreme measures, with which we can count on the help of vinegar, water, and odorless soap, pour a little on a cloth and scrub hard several times , then you can put it in the washing machine and the stain must have left, we can put them in a dryer.

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