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Choosing a piece to add to our personal decoration is not an easy task, the sofa that we consider perfect to acquire and enjoy for an indeterminable time motivates us to investigate about varieties, models, benefits, consulting hundreds of web pages, thus filling us with a great amount of information before going to the store. That’s not bad but we should not be overwhelmed with so much information, sometimes in the simple is a success. If you are aware of your needs follow your instinct, with it and the following recommendations you will easily find the perfect sofa for you.

That captivates you at first sight

The first impression never fails, when you enter a store first give your time to observe all the furniture carefully, in detail, until you find the model that you like and then find out by the colors available, that if always visualizing the place where you want to locate it If you still do not like the choice, try to imagine it in neutral colors that combine with any type of decoration.

The size, without exaggeration

When you go to the store you must have at hand the exact measurements in three dimensions high, long and wide of the space where you want to locate your new sofa so that you do not exaggerate with the size too small or too big when deciding, do not be impressed by the exhibitions in the stores because they are very broad and usually create a false visual impact in the client.

With my style

Keep in mind at all times how the decor is arranged in the place where you want to take the new sofa, sometimes the one that is in fashion is not the one that best fits in our living room and we do not see it until it is in the middle and not It combines with the rest, lest we have to change all the furniture again at a greater expense.

As a priority, comfort

Your preferences should include ergonomic features such as the size of the backrest and the height of the armrests that provide the best comfort at the time of sitting or lying to rest, the type of fabric that provides freshness, the padding that is sufficiently soft or padded.

The right upholstery

It will depend on the tastes, preferences, needs, and environment, it is very important because it depends on the difficult or easy maintenance that ensures its functionality and durability.



Variety and functionality

There is a great versatility of models, depending on the type, size, and shape. There are circular, rectangular, square, armchairs, Chesterfields, chaise lounge, with feet, reclining … everything will depend on our taste and the budget available.

Quality or price

We must avoid low quality at all costs, cheaply is expensive. It is preferable to wait for the right moment to choose for a piece of furniture that we have to repair quickly or discard and buy another soon after. We should always prefer the best and more if it is about our well-being, rest and comfort.

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