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Among the wide variety of existing sofas, there are some that are of great importance for the health of people above all for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, so-called elevating or orthopedic sofas. These sofas are synonymous with well-being and comfort. These armchairs are usually single-seat and incorporate different features to facilitate their use by elderly or people with reduced mobility (disabled).

The elevating or orthopedic sofas thanks to its electric motor of low voltage for a greater security in the home, allow to adopt diverse postures of rest, remarkably increasing the comfort of the people who use it. They operate through an electronic system that is controlled by a very basic remote control, specially designed to be handled autonomously. This sofas work with two motors, making it possible for the user to lift their legs independently or to lower their backs, unlike the one with a single motor that makes both movements simultaneously.

They rise gently, leaning forward to favor incorporation and make it much easier to get up in a safe way. They reduce the effort of sitting and getting into a seat of this type for the elderly or with difficulty of mobility, also prevent the appearance of pain, discomfort or muscle tension in the area of ​​the back, lumbar, shoulders and neck.

There are elevating sofas with a wide variety of offers, styles, finishes, colors, upholstery, and structure depending on the need of the people. There are also different sizes which allow adapting it to any room, from the most spacious to the smallest, without being a nuisance for users.

In addition, there are elevating or orthopedic sofas in the market with additional features such as heat system, which allows maintaining a body temperature according to the room temperature; and massage system that allows the user to use the lift or orthopedic sofas to relax the mind and body, helps improve circulation, calms muscle pain and also helps relieve pressure on the back, neck, and joints caused by poor posture or muscle weakness. All of the above allows the lifting or orthopedic sofas with heat and massage systems to help people increase their energy.

These benefits make elevating or orthopedic sofas improve the quality of life of the elderly or those with mobility difficulties since they can watch television, rest or read more to their liking.

In a few words when we speak of elevating or orthopedic sofas, what comes to mind is relaxation; it is a product of rest and recreation for people who have to spend a lot of time sitting.

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