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Each person has a conception of what would be the living room of their dreams. A living room becomes a home if it is cozy and its design reflects in some way our individuality. However, decorating our living room can become a real headache when the furniture we want fits our style and needs, but not our budget, a situation that is increasingly common when redecorating our home. How many times have we not seen the need to sacrifice our vision of a dream room for lack of money, since the furniture necessary to give shape to that vision is too expensive? But now realizing his dream is possible as there are more and more commercial establishments that offer the possibility to finance their sofas without interest. In this way, you can buy everything you need to redecorate your room.

To apply for this financing you just have to make your purchases in the usual way and select the financing as a form of payment, many establishments offer personalized financing and adjusted to their economic possibilities the process is usually 100% digital, fast simple and safe.

The requirements to apply for these financing are almost always the same in most of the establishments and among them, we can find:

  1. Copy of the DNI on both sides
  2. Proof of income (payroll for employees, last declaration of income for own-account workers or letter of revaluation of the pension).

3.The first sheet of the Banking booklet where the financing payments will be domiciled.

The requirements may vary a bit depending on the commercial establishment where you choose to make your purchase

Once you have met the requirements and approved the financing, you will be able to enjoy the sofa of your dreams paying in comfortable installments without altering your monthly budget.

The financing is usually personalized and you can negotiate it with the commercial establishment adjusting it to your needs. You can even finance your purchase for 12 months or more depend on the amount of the purchase and without any interest.

It has never been so easy to realize your desire to redecorate your living room and acquire the sofa of your dreams and other furniture and accessories you need to make your living room that warm and cozy you and your family deserve, without having to alter your budget and without interests. You can even process your financing online from the comfort of your home, being able to sign the financing contract digitally without delays or cumbersome procedures.

Then do not wait any longer, contact your preferred commercial establishment and request a customized financing.

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