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The sofas are versatile furniture that is chosen not only for the function they will have inside the home but also as a fundamental piece in the design and decoration of the hall since aspects such as design, size, comfort, and durability are important characteristics that should be considered when choosing one. In addition, you must take into account the rest of the furniture you have at home and that together with the sofa will make up the decoration of your home.

We invite you to have fun decorating your home. Mix and match pieces of different colors, styles, textures, trends, materials, among others. Achieve the space of your dreams.

There are many styles that you can choose when designing and decorating your home, it is up to you to choose the one you like best and to adapt to your space, taste, and needs. Here are four very popular styles that will surely be to your liking:


If you want a current, fresh and simple look for your home, this style will please you. Its principles are similar to the minimalist style, where overloaded spaces are avoided, using elements of simple lines, basic, simple forms, nothing extravagant, with elements that largely avoid curves and ornaments, in the same way the surfaces tend to be smooth and very simple style will allow you to create spaces that although they may not be very large will give the impression of being so since they tend to be very clear, illuminated and fresh in appearance.


This style is very liberal, and its principle lies in exhibiting elements and systems that are normally hidden, emphasizing exposed materials, such as bricks, concrete, and steel, whose main attraction is the natural wear of the material. Elements such as large windows, columns, beams, pillars, pipe ducts, high ceilings and very large spaces are characteristic of this style.

Classic modern

It is a current version of the classic style, much fresher and lighter, which retains some elements of that style, as they show elements such as moldings on ceilings and walls, furniture with ornaments but much simpler lines, colors and textures lighter, fabrics and prints not so loaded with a tendency to the simple, which together with modern elements make up this new trend that could become of your liking.


It is a rural style, where relaxed, cozy and warm environments predominate, in tune with nature. Whose principle is based on the creation of informal, relaxed and comfortable environments combining elements that are not very delicate, strong or even coarse. Materials such as stone, terracotta, wool, untreated virgin wood, wicker, among others are some of the employees in this style.

Well, we hope we could awaken that muse that lives in you and overwhelm all your creativity and innovation in the design and decoration of your space.

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