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We all know that sofas are currently taking on the role of protagonists in every home. For this reason, in recent years many types of sofas have been created for any type of client, which is very important because it allows anyone to find a suitable sofa for their home.

The sofas are becoming so important that they are usually one of the first furniture bought in a home. To find a sofa that is ideal for you, you must take into account the decoration and other furniture that you can have in the place where you will place the sofa and even the measurements of the place where you will put it, this is very important because we will know if there is space for a large or small sofa. Before buying a sofa you should know about it, its maintenance, its strength, its type of upholstery, its durability and its resistance. To be convinced if you want it or not.

There are many sofa types because furniture designers want to reach any type of person and therefore design enough models of furniture to meet the needs of each client. There are several types of sofas according to their size and their type of upholstery that are:

  1. Sofas in the shape of “L”: used mostly in homes with large families, special for corners.
  2. Sofas of one, two, three and more seats: linear sofas those are usually straight and simple but elegant.
  3. Sofa beds: are folding sofas, which inside usually have a bed.
  4. Modular sofas: these are the sofas that are characterized by being able to move the seats. These sofas are very useful for people who like to increase or decrease the size of the sofa according to their need. Some models offer corner pieces, modules with arms and pouffs.
  5. Chaise Longue is very large sofas, which look like sofa beds, are so wide that two people can sleep together. Many are reclining, for greater comfort when sitting.
  6. Chesterfield: these are the most luxurious sofas in the world of furniture. Its shape is usually a bit old and retro that gives a somewhat vintage feel.
  7. Square sofa (armchairs): they are sofas designed for a single person, due that their size can be located in any room, although usually, they are near the main sofa or in front of the television.
  8. Ergonomic: if you suffer from any allergies or health problems with the joints or any other part of your body, this sofa is perfect for you. These sofas are responsible for keeping your back, arms, and legs in a suitable wood.
  9. Sofas with storage capacity: these are sofas that have compartments and therefore allow storage.
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