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Nowadays each time the houses are smaller and we only have the necessary rooms to house the members of our family, and we do not have a suitable place for the rest of our guests, the new technologies and tendencies have come to solve this dilemma by introducing the sofa bed in the market, furniture with double function that provides a comfortable sofa and at the same time allows us to give the perfect solution to give unexpected visitors a suitable place for a pleasant rest.

Being a hybrid between a sofa and a bed this type of furniture can be placed in any type of room, although the most usual is to find it in the living room, giving a cozy touch to the room and becoming, if necessary, a comfortable double bed. In this way, we can always be the best hosts despite living in a small space because currently there are models and designs of sofa beds on the market that fold easily and are also very decorative and modern.

Types and styles of Sofa beds

There are a wide variety of models and styles of sofa beds in the market so we can find those that have a bed inside the sofa that resembles a drawer and that normally carries wheels, are usually of individual size.

Sofa bed futon

It is an economical option with a modern look that fits more to a youthful environment, is less durable than other models and many are disassembled for you to install them yourself.

Clic Clac Sofa Bed

It is a model that stands out for its simplicity it is a very basic sofa bed in which the backrest is folded to make a pretty wide love. They are usually quite cheap

Other models

A very original model is the sofa bed with 2 single beds in appearance is equal to a traditional sofa, but when opened it becomes 2 single beds which make this design one of the most versatile on the market.

Another novel alternative is the convertible sofa bunk, an impressive model that allows us to enjoy a bunk with a trundle bed, thus allowing more guests to be accommodated in a single structure.

These are just some examples of the wide variety of models and styles of sofa beds existing in the market, which makes the choice of the most appropriate model, a decision that can be very overwhelming, that is why to make the choice successful we must first think about the utility that we are going to give if it is to make an eventual use for a guest or if you intend to use it daily, the next thing you should take into consideration is that it is easy to open, and last but not least you should take in consideration the environment in which you are going to place the sofa. In this way, you can make the best decision and enjoy a sofa bed tailored to your needs.

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