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The sofas are essential furniture in the rooms of homes, which mostly used to sit, sleep and rest. The sofas consist of a very strong interior that can withstand a lot of weight and a quite padded exterior to give comfort to the client when sitting down. The sofas usually inside consist of a wooden frame; wood is usually one of the most used materials in the manufacture of sofas because this material is hard and easy to assemble. Outside the sofas have upholstery, to cover the interior of the same; there is a lot of fabrics to upholster sofas, ranging from furs to fabrics, which will allow the customer to have a wide variety of options to choose the new jewel of his living room.

The sofas usually accommodate two or three people in their seats, but there are also quite large sofas that can accommodate more than 4 people. There is furniture very similar to the sofa, which gives the same comfort and convenience, these are the chaise longue, the ottoman and the couch. There are also sofas that contain a bed inside. This type of sofa is called a sofa bed, and they are sofas that are foldable that if they unfold, it results in a bed.

In the market there are a variety of types of sofas that adapt to the tastes of anyone, one of the most outstanding is:

  1. Sofa in line: they are lately the most used, due to the scarcity of meters in homes; it is the sofa that occupies less space, and one of the smallest, which is usually two seats.
  2. Modular sofas: these are the sofas that are characterized by being able to move the seats. These sofas are very useful for people who like to increase or decrease the size of the sofa according to their need. Some models offer corner pieces, modules with arms and poufs.
  3. Corner sofas: these are the furniture that is usually used in quite spacious corners. They are characterized by their “L” shape that adapts very well to the shape of the corners.
  4. The sofa bed is a piece that has revolutionized a lot, the quality that currently represents makes it adapt to any space. Its folding and unfolding are done with easy movements.
  5. Sofas with storage capacity: these are sofas that have compartments and therefore allow storage.

The sofas are characterized by their variety of upholstery that can be made of different materials such as leathers, this type of upholstery is characterized by being strong and flexible, it does not require so much maintenance because the stains do not adhere to it. There are textile upholsteries that are characterized by being washable and can adapt efficiently to any surface. With this, it can be said that there are a wide variety of sofa types and upholstery that will satisfy the tastes of any person.

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