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Nowadays leather sofas are taking over homes, they are indispensable furniture. The leather is one of the most used skins today. Choosing a suitable sofa for the home has become a very important task because it is the protagonist furniture of the living rooms.

There are many aspects that we must take into account when choosing the sofa and one of them is the type of upholstery. There are many types of upholstery but the ones that are revolutionizing are the leather and its imitations.

There are many types of leather, among which most stand out, are:

  1. The skin anillina: it is one of the softest leathers that exist and are fairly soft is applied very little protection which allows them to deteriorate quickly.
  2. The semi-aniline skin: it is a combination of aniline skin (the most fragile and delicate skin) and pigmented skin.
  3. The pigmented skin: it is the strongest of the previous ones, it is characterized for being quite strong, for its resistance and for its easy maintenance, for these simple facts it is one of the most used skins in the furniture of the home.
  4. Imitation leather: it is a textile material composed of a plastic-chemical micro-foaming layer. It is very strong, its maintenance is easy, the colors are quite powerful, in this material are usually recorded details and textures to look like a natural skin.

The advantages of leather sofas are its easy maintenance, just by passing a damp cloth that does not usually lint to remove dust and some stains, in enough. If the stains are still on the sofa, it is recommended to rub the stain with a cloth with a special cream for skin, in addition to removing the stain, leaving your leather sofa, exceptional and with a great shine.

Leather sofas are usually a little hot in summer and cold in winter. Natural leather sofas in most cases are usually a bit expensive. But it is a drawback that harmonizes with time because these types of sofas tend to be more durable than sofas with fabric upholstery. Imitation skins are also a very good option because they have the same characteristics as natural leather, for a lower cost.

It is very important to take care of these household jewels, and for this reason, it is better to keep sharp objects, sharp objects, scratch-off objects, and other things that may deteriorate it away from them. It is recommended to move the sofas upholstered with leather, from places where the solar rays hit directly, and places where it is very hot because this causes the skin to lose its elasticity and cause it to break.

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