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Sofas for small spaces

Written by sofas4u

The sofas are that furniture in which we sit, and watch TV, talk, rest, sleep, among other activities. When we live in a space where square meters are not left over, we must learn to take advantage of every centimeter. Currently there is a sofa in almost every home in the world, because they allow a fairly adequate balance between the furniture of the home and the decoration of it.

There are many types of sofas of different materials and sizes. In small homes, it is essential to have a sofa of a given size because it is necessary to have a certain balance and harmony in the home.

Before buying a sofa for a reduced room, you should keep in mind these three rules:

  1. Size: to make the room look bigger, the sofa should be small, no modular sofas, no corner sofas. The sofa should preferably be two seats, maximum three seats. The size of the sofa depends on the size of the place where it will be placed; it must be of a proportionate size so that it is not so big, nor so small for the room.
  2. Color: the sofas of warm and neutral colors are faithful friends of the small rooms, besides making the room look bigger, it gives a cozy feeling. Also, everything depends on the background color you have, dark background, dark sofa, light background, clear sofa, always keeping in mind that the background and the sofa should not be exactly the same color.
  3. Place: small sofas should be in rooms with enough lighting, in places where the background is not so dark, preferably in light colors, because dark backgrounds tend to highlight what is in front of them (everything depends on the color of the sofa. They can be near mirrors, windows, but they should never be placed on other furniture because it gives an effect of disorder and disharmony.

Many say that a small sofa is disadvantageous, but it is not, small sofas provide the same comfort and convenience as a large sofa. In the cases of small rooms, the sofa beds are very useful, they offer enough comfort and the advantage is that they do not take up much space, you have two ways of being on the sofa, lying down and sitting comfortably.

In all furniture stores sell small sofas, the advantage of sofas of small sizes is that you can find a variety of colors and textures, because furniture designers know that sofas of small sizes are usually not so versatile, and for this reason they make enough models of sofas for the client to choose the one that best suits their home.

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